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Our Products and Services

At Swisher American Tees and Gifts, we know everybody is different, and has their own particular preference. 


So it is our personal goal, and pleasure, to help you create YOUR Perfect Tee. 

We have included within our products different brands and styles of high quality Tees for you to choose from. 

--No secrets!  Brand Names Included!


Many are Made in the USA, or Made in the US of Foreign Fabric, while others are made in Bangladesh, Nicaragua, etc. But all are Premium Brand Tees, Sweat Shop and Slave Labor Free!  --Manufacturer tags included!

Our Premium Quality Tees include select styles from:

  • Bella Canvas

  • Next Level

  • Cotton Heritage

  • American Apparel

  • Rabbit Skins/LAT


Available STYLES from our sponsored Brand Leaders include: 

  • Crew Neck

  • V Neck

  • Slim Fit

  • Regular Fit

  • Men's Specialty Sizes (2X - 4XL)

Available Sex/Fit

  • Unisex

  • Mens'

  • Ladies

  • Youth

  • Toddler

  • Infants


Signature Styles Used 

  • Unisex Fine Jersey Tees (Bella Canvas),

  • Unisex Fine Jersey Tees Made in the US/Made in the US of Imported Fabrics (Bella Canvas)

  • Mens' Heavy Weight (Cotton Heritage),

  • Men's Medium Weight (Cotton Heritage)


  • Ladies Regular Fit Crew (Next Level)

  • Ladies Regular Fit Crew Made in the USA (Next Level, American Apparel)

  • Ladies Slim Fit V Neck (Bella Canvas

  • Ladies Relaxed V Neck (Bella Canvas)


  • Youth Unisex Tees (Bella Canvas

  • Toddler Unisex Tees (Bella Canvas, Rabbit Skins) 

  • Infant Unisex Tees (Bella Canvas, Rabbit Skins) 

  • Infants Unisex Onsies  (Bella Canvas, Rabbit Skins) 


  • Prices may vary based on Tee brand, size, weight, thickness, where made, supply chain issues, to name a few.  


  • Prices also may vary based on the graphic design, including it's size, detail, difficulty to produce, amount of ink and/or number of colors/layers as well as method/technicalities of graphic production/printing/application and supply chain issues, also to name a few.  


Swisher American Tees:

  • Most of our Tees are produced using high quality, Direct to Garment printing technology, (DTG), which is able to print a myriad of color variations.  


So we hope we have just what you are looking for, for yourself or a loved one, or for the stranger on the street who needs a hug--or a heavy weight Tee!

Diversity and Choice --The Spirit of America

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