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Operation Silent Dove is a highly classified US covert government op inspired shortly after Kennedy was assassinated, that even the top government agencies are not aware of.  The silent few have been entrusted with saving the US and the world from itself if ever US and/or world corruption proved to threaten the existence of peaceful men and nations. Operation Silent Dove has remained in the shadows until the day it is determined there is a dire need for its activation. That time is now.  2131.

Synopsis:  The year is 2131. The US and Mexico have been reduced to rubble by an attempted covert take over by the new China dictator bent on world domination and communism.  Operation Silent Dove is fully activated.  It entails its mainframe system of Fortune Teller which analyzes all current world data, including their leaders, their history, their track records, their personalities, all news reports, etc., and predicts which historic elements if altered might avert the disastrous present outcome.  The operatives are ghosts of the ghosts, US soldiers and/or highly trained government employees, who previously gave their lives in the service of the US.  The operatives are obtained via newly obtained time travel capabilities whereby chosen soldiers based on their loyal, integrity, skills, and self sacrificing service are extracted from their last missions just prior to their demise and brought to 2131 to work as living and breathing OSD operatives to save the world from its most corrupt organized psychopathic criminals that threaten the very existence of peace, freedom, human rights, and global survival.  The science is led by Doc, senior physicist and bioengineer, who specializes in communications, covert ops, weapons, nano medicine, nano physics, and time travel.  


Main protagonist:  Maddison, the first Operation Silent Dove operative introduced in the pilot. His mission purpose is to avert the US-Mexico War of 2125 whereby China tricks the US and Mexico into a war, resulting in both the US and Mexico being reduced to rubble, with China ultimately claiming both as it's own. His assignment is to rescue the US VP from a NK gulag where he is being secretly held under China orders. NK is holding the VP there until China can make it appear that Mexico is behind his abduction. China's goal is to draw the US into a spat war with Mexico, at which time China would release 50 simultaneous WMDs of their own upon the US that they have hidden all over Mexico, irreversibly drawing the US and Mexico into a major war to their own self destruction and demise.  China is working with the Mexican Cartels in this take over, as the Mexican leadership continues to turn a blind oblivious eye to their imminent demise.


Second main protagonist is Jen a/k/a Blue Eyes a/k/a Cool Storm a/k/a Blue Demon, previous FBI director who was notorious for her unleashed vengeance against child traffickers at the US Mexico border.  She had lost a twin sister to one of the Mexican Cartels as a child, and she has no problem delivering her own form of justice.   She captures pedophiles and child traffickers and (humanely) castrates them if they don't cooperate with locating other missing children. Her specialty is her Meatball Pizza that she covertly serves to their fellow gang members as part of her psy ops against them. The Cartels refer to her as the Blue Demon.  Her initial demise was by a cartel gang member shooting a missile at her after finding out she served him his co gang member's testicles on a Meatball pizza.  In the first episode, Fortune Teller calculates a repeat of her notorious psy ops against them, after 15 years of her being dead, would be the best way for the team to shake them up so they lead the team to the upper level players in the human trafficking syndicate overseas.  Per Fortune, the team needs to infiltrate and uproot the African Horn human trafficking players in order to derail the second disastrous war triggering event threatening America: The kidnapping and trafficking of the daughter of the POTUS.


Doc is another main protagonist.  As mentioned above, he is the developer of the time travel capabilities, and is the senior physicist and bioengineer, with specializations in communications, surveillance, covert ops, weapons, nano medicine, nano physics.  He reviews previous soldiers and gov employee files for potential operatives to join their team. He is the middle man between Fortune Teller and the team members, coordinating their efforts and assigning their missions. In the initial episode, he shows how a soldier is rescued from their demise with Maddison's mission to rescue the VP with Operation Freebird. He repairs Maddison's shredded body with nanomedicine, making him good as new.  Doc enjoys playing very loudly  "Ride of the Valkyries" in his lab for sound effects and to time his 2 minute countdown to the extraction of a soldier within seconds of their demise in the field.  //


Operation Silent Dove is copyright protected. No unauthorized reproduction in any form is allowed unless written permission obtained from the owner.

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